Upon successful completion of our cross-cultural and business solutions training, your employees will gain a better understanding of the values and beliefs that drive productivity and efficiency while working with global teams.

Our topics include:

  • Global Leadership Training
  • Cultural Awareness Training
  • Working in the US
  • Doing business with other countries
  • Communicating effectively in a multicultural workplace
  • Cultural Diversity and Inclusion
  • Leading and Managing Global Teams
  • Intercultural Management Skills
  • Global Strategy Solutions
  • Global Mobility Awareness
  • International Assignments/Relocations
  • Defense, National Security, Diplomacy and Intelligence Training

What Cross Cultural and Global Solutions Training can do for you:

Language Advisors Network Group creates dynamic solutions for companies and individuals conducting business in culturally complex situations.  We assist organizations to become culturally agile so professionals can perform successfully in various cross-cultural situations.  In today’s society, cultural agility is extremely crucial to compete and win within global markets.  Every sector is affected by globalization and the complexities it has created.

With a compelling set of practical insights and highly trained professional certified cultural trainers, Language Advisors Network Group works tirelessly with organizations to develop the global competence of their workforce in order to thrive internationally.  Our trainers focus on delivering the most effective and relevant cultural training by incorporating real-life workplace communication that addresses the specific needs of the industry.

Whether you are relocating abroad or doing business internationally, Language Advisors Network Group can help you close cultural gaps.  Give us a call today at 630-935-8063 for a complementary consultation with one of our trained team members.

Start Breaking your Barriers!