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Lambros C. Chrones, M.D.

I am extremely pleased with my experience with Language Advisors Network Group. LANG provides great customer service with strong professionalism and tremendous value. LANG was flexible enough to create a personalized language program to meet my needs. I would absolutely recommend LANG to anyone seeking language-related educational services.

Elaine Katzioris

DEDICATED, DILIGENT...A PURE DELIGHT! I have had the pleasure of working with Emilia Linardakis for nearly 5 years. She is a pure delight to work with and to be around. She takes pride in her work and her profession. Ms. Linardakis is dedicated to her craft and her clients/students. Accomplishing the tasks at hand with accuracy and punctuality is evident in her work. One should be pleased to work with Emilia.

Patty Pappas

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Ms. Linardakis on many business projects. Firsthand, I have been able tow witness her deliver professionalism, work ethic, creativity, and responsiveness. She has a unique ability to manage effectively in each setting and in each situation. She has consistently been able to identify the strengths and weaknesses in a project and has promptly provided a thoughtful remedy. I would highly recommend Ms. Linardakis as the consummate, well suited professional to meet your needs.

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